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which bars for my 2018 Z125 KRT

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Hey guys , I see a lot of guys have the Renthal bars with the cross support bar . I like them and would like to get a set ,But I dont want to lean over too much ,I like more sit up and would want it close to the original .What should I get ? I guess I need new bar risers too ?? Thanks for your help !!!
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I just put rentals on mine the atv high bend. They are almost the same height as the stock bars. Waiting on the risers to come In and they with be perfect. I'm 6'4 if that's any help
If you like the stock position but still want new bars, I have to ask what your goal is? More crashability? Just better looks?

I think the ProTaper XR50/CRF50 7/8" SE Handlebars might do the trick. But if the stock position works for you I would probably just leave it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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