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So a few weeks back I installed a set of Driven Racing D3 grips hoping to tame a little of the vibration I was feeling through the bars.


To make a long story short, I took them off after a number of test rides. In my humble opinion I think the grips are poorly designed at best and slightly dangerous at worst. Let me explain.

Getting the grips on the bars was a chore. The D3s are made up of a rubber shank and two aluminum sleeves on either end. Trying to slide the rubber shank onto the left-side bar WHILE trying to keep the sleeves from sliding off the shank was an exercise in frustration. I'm pretty sure I created a whole dictionary full of new cuss words trying to do so... and don't get me started on the throttle-side. I'm sure old Lucifer was sitting in the corner of my garage taking notes.

Now for the ride. According to the Driven website the large aluminum sleeve was designed to prevent warping of the throttle tube in the area where riders tend to grip the hardest but in practice all they did was slide around the rubber shank as you rode, lending to an extremely sloppy feel at the throttle. At times I could actually feel the aluminum sleeve working against me as I rolled on the power. It was made worse by the fact that I had installed a G2 quick-turn throttle tube. What I had hoped to gain in responsiveness with the 1/4-turn tube was completely hampered by that aluminum sleeve. It also tired out my wrist quite a bit since I found myself having to realign my grip constantly while riding because the rubber shank would slide inside the sleeve causing the bike to decelerate. I got tired of that BS pretty damn quick.

The grips are beautiful and I REALLY wanted to love them but it's a poorly designed accessory in my opinion. YMMV. I stripped them off and installed a set of Bilt Recoil grips in their place and what a HUGE difference it made. I like my bike again.


Hope this helps anyone looking to buy the D3 grips. I love most of the things I've bought from Driven Racing but these grips were a big let-down especially considering the premium price...
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