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On a side note, I bought a flasher module I learned I did not need. I ran one resister after each Rizoma signal, which zip-tie nice and neat inside, which timed the front signals with no issue. I cut the ends off the old signals and wired them in to the Rizoma plugs for clean snap in. I installed an integrated tail light as well, LED, with no additional resistors attached to the rear. The flashing pattern appeared to be a normal rate for all signals and the signal flasher still lit up on the instrument panel. Rizoma signals actually come with two sets of resistors per signal, leaving two extra which I planed to use on the rear, but learned I did not need. There is plenty of room to cleanly secure the Rizoma resistors inside the front cover and no additional resistors are needed in the rear for an integrated tail LED system. I am very happy with these Signal Base Plates and highly recommend to anyone looking to change out their signals. The holes are sized perfect for the Rizomas as well. You could avoid the resistors and just install a flasher module, but for me, the Rizoma resistors are so easy to work with, secure and hide clean, and allow me to maintain the instrument panel light like stock sold me on setting it up this way.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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