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Whilst the XSR was AMAZING under the right conditions, this Metallic Matt Mysterious Gray Z125 Pro is just FUN IN EVERY SITUATION!!

I won't deny that I had my reservations. I was looking to buy a Grom to ride alongside my son who owns a Ruckus. However, the lad at the dealership reminded me about the Pro. I had no feelings towards either bike other than I wanted something that could haul my 220 pound *** up a hill (the Ruckus struggles).

With an awesome trade-in deal set into motion, I found myself the new owner of one of these little gems. Still, it wasn't until I actually saw the Pro in the metal (and plastic) that I felt 100% confident in my decision. I was told it would be a matte black but the colour is actually a matte purple/violet colour. It was love at first sight!


The sense of freedom and enjoyment from riding this little bike is not unlike how kids must have felt back in the day on a Honda Trail bike. With 0 miles on the odometer, I love that every mile would be all mine!


I took her out on her maiden voyage today with my son. I look like a circus bear on it but I don't care! What a blast to ride and we have already had people asking us about the bike, etc. First mod is going to be a Corbin seat I think. After a couple miles I felt like the oem seat was trying to give me a prostrate exam.


I found myself looking for 5th and 6th gear more out of habit than necessity. The 4 speed gear box is great and super buttery too. A 5th gear on these little engines is just a marketing ploy (yes, that was directed at the 22 Grom). The motor to size of the bike ratio really go hand in hand here.




Another immediate change will be some gold levers to match the forks. Otherwise, I just plan on getting to know her. My younger kids already have dates set to go on a ride with me. The pictures nor the videos online do this colour justice at all. It's actually really beautiful. I had planned on buying a decal set but not anymore. She's a keeper!! Still trying to think of a name for her now. Happy to be a part of the forum!
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