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I have already changed out the main headlight bulb to led. Super bright and I've used those types for years some seem as bright as a hid light
This is what I got for the z125 I had purchased a cheaper model but the seller accidentally sent me a more expensive one
CREE Kit 9003 HB2 H4 Pack of 2 LED Bulbs 2 30W High Low Replace Head Light 5000K | eBay

Sometimes you can find these as cheap as $16 each

The z125 uses H4 type bulbs for the headlight
so when searching for a led replacement I like the types that are around 22watts up to 30 watts
Go higher then 35 watts then thats more then the stock bulb uses and who knows how much faster it will drain the battery

anything less may not be as bright
The 22 watt and above usually have a little power supply box so that makes it easy to search for on eBay always look for a power supply box first, then look at the wattage, then the price

Some will have a tiny fan on the back of the bulb
some bikes because of room I remove the fans, never had over heat issues

Im thinking the fans may be for cars where the lights are inside the engine compartment with a lot more heat then a motorcycle headlight ever sees

I was able to barely get the fan installed on the one I bought but I could of kept it off too

Now I'm concentrating on the wedge bulbs
we have one in the headlight, and license plate light

I think I have ordered around 5 sets all from china, all different types all very inexpensive so maybe invested $7 total to try them all out

today one set came in so I installed it in the headlight

I bought the white color
T10 2W 8 SMD LED Cool White Warm White Light Wedge Base W5W 168 Dome 12V Bulb SC | eBay

its a perfect color match to my main led headlight bulb and is pretty bright for the size

I'm going to wait until they all come in to pick the best one and test on my headlight as the license plate is the hardest one to change out

For the license plate I want one that puts the most light facing down if possible

So here is the one that came in today

This is very bright for the size and happened to match exactly to my headlight color


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green would be cool, but here its illegal unless your not on the street

would be nice if you can turn off main light and drive around a parking lot with the green only on

some of the cheaper led main headlight that don't have a real high beam you can just disconnect the high beam plug
so when you turn on high beam the main light goes off, then the green is on

I have other bikes with 14 feet of led strips all over them, tucked up under fenders and all that
its fun at night in a parking lot

but don't feel like doing all that yet to this bike

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I use smd led on one long 14 foot strip you can cut off and solder wires onto its also weatherproof

they are R.G.B led so they can make any shade of color you want with the included remote control

those are the best ones to use, instead of a single color
because takes the same amount of time to install a single color strip as it does the 3 color type

I see there are ones you can control from a cell phone
but the ones I use are around $20 for the complete kit

the fancy ones usually give you 3-4 pre cut lengths for over $100 but they do come with better remote controls and no soldering needed

I also do halo rings inside headlights and like to use the white color as day time driving light
I've also stacked color halo rings inside too

but for right now the bike is still new, so won't be doing too much to it in the beginning
also the headlight is a strange shape so not sure how a round halo ring would look inside

although recently I bought some flexible light strips that could take the outside shape of the reflector inside the light
but they are a little thick looking with the rubber cover they come with so didn't really like the looks of those


because they are so bright its too hard to get a good photo
but you could almost drive at night with the white halo's they are that bright


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I think a subtle use of a green might even look OEM to some extent if you know what I mean. Just depends on where and how it is used since that can either make it look personalized or right from the factory, aka OEM.

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had another set of led's come in and noticed its super easy to get to my license plate bulb
so decided to see which ones performed the best with the ones I have

I think I still have 3 more sets coming in from china

So far this one puts out the most light downwards
this is also the one I'm using in the headlight too
Can Bus .76 cents each, shipped T10 2W 8 SMD LED Cool White Warm White Light Wedge Base W5W 168 Dome 12V Bulb SC | eBay

and this one is a close second
these came from a usa seller but took longer to arrive then 2 sets of bulbs from china for some reason
$4.50 x10 shipped https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00U39J0HW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

stock output

of course photos are too hard to see all the brightness, and color as the camera dims when things are too bright

but its easy to see its a lot brighter and I like the whiter color that the led provide

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seems like my favorite led have been going bad

Ive replaced the license plate one a while ago, started flickering

noticed today the one for the headlight also flickers

I still have a few other types that I had ordered and they are all in
so im using the next brightest ones I had posted here

hopefully they will last longer

I have around 2200 miles on the bike but the first one started to go bad probably around 1200 miles

its just hard to see when they go bad because its something I never look at

just happened to spot them flickering while the bike was warming up, or with just the key on for the headlight one
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