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Since the demand for Kawasaki's Z125 is clearly outstripping supply at this time, I think it is safe to say that many first time riders will be swinging a leg over one in the coming year.

Getting the proper training and gear are clearly important to years of riding enjoyment, but so is having a properly adjusted, lubricated and serviced motorcycle.

Unlike cars, the link between the engines power output and the drive wheel in the rear is fully exposed to the elements making rain, dirt, bugs and water a threat to the chain. What good it is to have an intake/exhaust/Bazzaz setup when that extra power is being robbed by a filthy chain? The good news is that it doesn't require expensive tools to do this yourself at home.

Take a look at these wonderful videos from Motorcyclist.com and keep your chain working at its very best.

MC Garage Tech: How To Deep-Clean A Chain | MOTORCYCLIST

I personally use WD40 to clean the chain before applying a MC specific lube. Some have questioned why:

The Truth About WD-40 & Motorcycle Chain O-Rings | MOTORCYCLIST
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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