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Got a complete big valve V2 cylinder head from TBparts with the port matched manifold kit

Has a brand new cam and tappet adjusters in it. I will also send a new set of valve stem seals with it. You will have to purchase a gasket set though.

Comes with:
Complete V2 head with new cam & adjusters installed
TBparts manifold (ported to 27.5mm on throttle body side so will work with stock or oversized tb's)
Manifold heat stop spacer
Temp sensor relocation adapter and extension wire
Extra set of valve stem seals

The only little problem with the head at all is there are about 3 threads in the spark plug hole are a bit boogered. They aren't all cross threaded and aren't completely stripped out. The first couple threads are fine and the last 4 or 5 threads are.fine as you can see in the pics. I've never had an issue with my plug staying in place, removing or putting in a plug. With as minor as it is, it can be easily straightened out by running a thread chaser through it. It is no where near the point of having to drill it out for a timesert or helicoil. Also the lowest bolt on the cam cover will have to be retapped. Those are the only 2 little issues with it.

I also have a bare 143 TBparts cylinder. Not bad shape, scarred or scored at all but I feel like it wouldn't be a bad idea just to run a quick hone through it.

Will sell together or separately.

$230 shipped for the head kit
$65 shipped for the cylinder
$275 shipped for both


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