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TB camshaft issues

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I got this tb camshaft and it did not come with any instructions with it got it installed and set the valves to stock specs and it will not run unless throttle is applied when it is running it doesn’t sound great and valves sound to be out of adjustment this is a stock 125 with stock head and no programmer after trying to find anything for this issue I set the valves to .003 and seems better but still off need help with this if anyone has had this issue
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What cam did you install ?

I'm guessing you got the TB parts cam TBW9210 kit (contains cam sprocket TBW0645 and cam TBW1431) if your still using the stock head ?

I have not seen this kit but noticed some possible issues that would be setting the valves on the Exhaust stroke if the timing gear was put on 180* out
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