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In the last two years of owning this bike I put about 200-300 miles on it..

I want to get it running to ride again but it just wont start.

Motor failed to start so I figured the battery was dead; so I replaced the battery with another 12v 3amp battery; and siphoned out the old gas for new premium 91 octane.

I heard the starter turn over a few times but after about the 4-5th try I heard a loud popping noise from the front so I thought I blew out my starter - knowing the bike has typical problems with the stock starter; I replaced the stock starter with the aftermarket Takagawa Super Starter - https://www.factoryminibikes.com/products/takegawa-super-starter; at this time I also cycled in a new fresh gallon of gas, changed the spark plug, and inserted a new battery.

Now when I go to start the bike I can hear the engine turning from the exhaust - But the motor wont run and the loud popping noise is still present

Posting a vid soon but for now..

Any thoughts?
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