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Soon to be Z125 Owner! PA

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Hey everyone! I am a soon to be (during this next week or so) Metallic Grey Z125 Owner. I am 17 years old and I live in a very VERY small town in rural Pennsylvania. Also before anyone talks smack on me for "my parents buying me this bike", no I am paying for this bike 100 percent by myself. I have a full-time job (home schooled to allow this) working with a local Lawn and Landscaping business. This is going to be my first motorcycle and I was looking at many other options but I just fell in love with the Z125. I couldn't not get the bike considering the price, gas mileage, cheap insurance and for one its a perfect beginner bike from what I've been told. Also you can't forget about how sexy it looks ;) Anyhow I cannot wait to get this bike, once I do I instantly plan to do a few mods to it like a fender elimination kit and what not. Just a few minor mods until most aftermarket products are released. Once I get the bike I will be sure to post a picture! Anyhow nice meeting you everyone...
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Any pictures of your very small town? I'm very interested to see. Welcome to the forum. :)
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