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After seeing lots of build threads I decided to make my own. Im just going to share my little bikes progress but on a Budget. Lol. Its not becuase Im a cheap person, I just have a lot of intrests that are really expensive and get priority over the Z. I do not in any way endorse these products. I also know there are way better quality products out there. Check the vendors sections, they have a lot of good parts that have been researched and specifically designed for the Z.

Lets start with the ebay muffler
About a $50 project

Sound clip https://youtu.be/_GqldlHEtvY

Just installed a custom intake. Its a ebay 50mm filter(your choice) and simply take the old air box off and pull on the tube. The glue will simply peel off and inlet will come out of the box. Then just stuff the tube in the new filter and done! Filter cost $10 on ebay search 50mm air filter. Super clean!

After some good research from other members. I ordered a set of levers off ebay as well. These are 13-15 ninja 300 shorty levers. Feel good and cost $25
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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