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Odometer not working

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Anyone know what might be wrong withit?
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I'd start by seeing why the check engine light is on...
The bike isn’t on in the picture.
This just happened to me. Any updates on this?
Nope, I just got a used one with 2k on it.
Nope, I just got a used one with 2k on it.
Damn... Well thank you for the quick reply
Quick sell bike as new zero miles lol
Is your trip meter working?
Lol. No trip a and b are also flashing dashes.
Just wondering if the battery maybe low on power could have something to do with it?
Yep I’m clutching at straws lol
Does the speedo work?
I’m wondering if the sensor is faulty.
It did start happening when I attempted to start the bike but the battery was too low. Push started it and rode it for about a half hour. Hooked it up to a battery tender and the battery seems shot. Not enough juice to start it. If I hook up my jumper battery way more than enough to start it. Starts instantly. Still shows flashing odometer though.
Speedo and tach did not work initially after push starting it. After riding I turned it off and back on, then the speedo and tach worked.
Get yourself a lithium battery that’s what I’m running in my z and it’s been awesome.
Any updates? My Z odometer and trips are blinking/flashing too and not reading.
Typically caused by a low or bad battery connection or positive cable shorted to frame so check for that.
Or starting (or bump starting ) the bike with a really low battery (8 volts) and letting the generator bring the battery back up to 12.6 + volts

If you have anything added or altered other than 100% original wiring it could be a issue

If you can trade the meter unit with another Z' you will know if it's the meter unit or problem with the bike. Maybe unplug the connection under the meter unit and plug back in (bad connection?)

if Red battery light is on while engine is running, Check for battery for 12.6 volts

If the CEL is showing while engine is running check for the code
Check the speed sensor

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Also can try a ECU reset but don't think I've seen anything work before and everyone had to replace the meter .

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