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well thats a good question to ask

because I just got done installing a bazzaz on another bike and that one totally disconnects the o2 sensor with a block off wiring adapter that looks to have a resistor, or capacitor not sure
so im assuming on that one the o2 will never work anymore, and only runs off the map programmed

I saw the z125 also has what looks like a resistor that goes into the stock o2 harness but the o2 does still plug into the bazzaz

I guess the only way to know if it still actually does anything is unplug it and go for a ride

I could unplug mine, throw on my wideband and see what readings it does

I did make a wideband video the other day on my bazzaz and it kept it almost perfect at 13.0
but does that mean the o2 was working, or just the tune was good enough at that time to keep pretty steady levels

Once I get my other bike all tuned I will also verify it with the wideband, since that one does not have an o2 connected into the harness anymore im really curious to how that one works
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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