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Hey guys

So, I've been wanting a bike for a long time now. After buying/selling/trading 11 different cars in the past six years, I finally wanted to free myself from the cage and go two wheel! So, after some looking around at used pregen Ninjas and such, I stumbled across an ad for a Z125, and I fell in love. I went to go check one out at a dealership that's local to me and sure enough, they had two in stock. I got to sit on it and could pretty much tell I was ready to get one. Problem was/is, I don't have my Class M on my license yet :/

However, on the first weekend of March I'm heading up to the motorcycle school and getting my certificate and getting my Class M, and hopefully by the end of March I'll be rolling off the showroom floor on a fun little Z!

I already have a nice little line of mods lined up, so the next month and a half can't go by fast enough.

I look forward to making a little build thread, and sharing my experiences with you guys over the course of the year. Stay safe, guys!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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