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Did it look like you might have to cut into the backbone of the frame or something?
Yes. It does look like it will be a substantial frame modification, and by substantial I mean about half of it. If I'm doing that I may as well upgrade the swingarm, and if I'm doing that I may as well etc etc. Cost is quickly outweighing the worth.

Other than the reason of "because you can" I wanted to have something that I could highway with for short trips (5-10km's). I'm not talking about road tripping it, just going to the next town. I would get a lot more use out of it if I could keep up with the flow of traffic. At 220lbs with no gear that bike is WOT at 85kph. Big bore, stroker, fuel controller, cam, head, valves would cost more than double what I can get these engines for.

Again, it was fun to think about after a couple whiskeys one night but in reality (if anything) I think it's going to be a 2 stroke 250 for size and simplicity.

CBR or R3 motor!?! Cmon, what's my name? I've thrown better engines than those away! Just kidding, they're not bad but every time I switch brands I regret it. Stopped trying about a decade ago and never looked back. Kawasaki makes the best motorcycles in the world and until that opinion changes I won't be buying anything else.
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