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Hey everyone, just purchased a gently used (but heavily modified) z125 in the Cincinnati area. Loving the bike so far, but had a few questions. Maybe I should post this somewhere else but wanted to get some advice:
1- The bike idles with wavering rpm, not sure if that is normal, perhaps not, it idles at around 1000-1400 rpm is that normal?
2- The previous owner put a few mods in, pro-taper handle bar, modified headlight I think. Anyway I'm having problems with the head light, it shuts off at odd times and I just get the regular light going only. I think the light is sucking too much juice out of the battery, it seems to be affecting the idle rpm too. I have had the engine shut off a few times on me at a traffic light, its also shut off at low speed in 1st gear once or twice, and now I'm getting the battery light. I am not very good with electronics but is there a way to diagnose what is going? I would consider going back to the stock headlight just wanted any of your thoughts.

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