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I thought I had blown the motor so I started a build. Turns out I think it was just rings. No damage in the top end, no cylinder scarring or anything. But I proceeded with my build anyway.

I still need Brembo calipers, 155 stroker crank and mmnthbx's top clamp but I'm pretty happy with her otherwise. Here's a full list of mods/add-ons

-TBoltsUSA 143cc big bore cylinder and piston kit
-TBoltUSA V2 big valve race head with included cam, roller rockers, bigger intake manifold
-Bazzaz ZFI with added AFM self mapper
-Yoshimura RS-2 loop exhaust
-Takegawa super oil pump
-TBoltUSA lightened primary gear
-TBoltUSA heavy duty clutch and springs
-NGK racing red plug cap and wire
-Ohlins rear shock
-Ohlins front fork inserts and springs
-TBoltUSA oil fill plug with oil temp gauge
-Pirahna frame sliders
-Hotbodies MGP rearsets
-Hotbodies MGP clutch/brake levers
-Competition Werkes black passenger pegs
-DMP black LED integrated taillight
-New Rage Cycles lisence bracket
-EBC Double-H pads front and rear
-Galfer stainless brake lines (f & r)
-Mika Metals pit bike low bend handlebars
-Renthal bar ends
-Works Connection red anodized rotator clamp
-Zeta Racing red anodized stem nut
-PIAA plasma headlight bulb
-Wixtech LED running light bulb
-Sportbike Lights flushmount smoked turnsignals
-Driven Racing front and rear black endurance cups
-Driven Racing black front sprocket cover
-Driven Racing black inspection plug
-Driven Racing black tappet covers
-OTB Prototypes clear cam cover
-Pro Circuit red anodized banjo bolts (all 4)
-PSR magnetic red anodized drain plug
-JetLogic aluminum fuel check valve
-stock intake tube with Bikemaster cone airfilter
-Hardline hour meter
-Micheline 110 and 130 Power Pure tires
-D'Cor visuals Monster Energy graphics kit
-larger diameter red carb vent line ran into a custom catch can than runs out and into a Uni push in crank vent filter
-custom undertail closeout
-Sunstar 33T rear sprocket
-JT 14T front sprocket
-Pro Taper gold MX 420 chain
-Driven Racing red anodized sprocket nuts

I think that pretty well covers it. It's been a blast getting it where I want. I absolutely love this bike!


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The addiction is real! Lol. Throttle body mod coming very shortly too. Instead of chimera's 26mm body, there's a local custom shop here modding the stock body to 27.5mm and porting the intake manifold. Nice little 1.5hp gain for rather cheap.

No videos yet though of mine. Been thinking about making a walk around/bike check video because I'm always getting a million questions about it. But I can't seem to get all the way through the bike before I freeze or start stuttering and back tracking like a dumbass haha. May give it another go once I get to the shop this morning.
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