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Exhaust installed got check light on. So I just installed my full Yosh Exhaust. Had the battery disconnected and the o2 censor unplugged. Made sure everything was tight reconnected the battery and started it up let it run for a minute. Turned it off sounded good but a bad smell. Looked it over again that's when I realized I forgot to plug o2 connection back in. Disconnected battery again check connections secured o2 censor back in and the battery. Started again and the engine light is on. Rode it any way for a few minutes didn't feel funny to me. But the question is did I screw up my bike or the o2 sensor plug by starting it with out it plug in. Light comes on and stays on. Is it safe to drive will the light go out or do I have to clear it some how or did I Fubar it up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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