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Like a lot of you I've fallen into a pit of upgrades for my Z125. Here's one man's opinion on a bunch of 'em. Listed in REVERSE ORDER of purchase/install:

G2 Quick Turn Throttle $80.00
  • - what I like: makes wide-open throttle easy and fast. Really nice improvement.
  • - what nobody told me: I wonder if the cheaper plastic version is just as good.
  • - installation difficulty: East! two screws + a lot of pulling and twisting to get the rubber grip off. Hard to get this one wrong.

MNNTHBX Shifter $18.50
  • - what I like: Whoa! Shifts hard, crisp, fast. Surprised at difference. SUPER cheap update - best bargain buy.
  • - what nobody told me: Makes it harder to find neutral. Shifter is slightly longer, moving the pressure point towards toes and away from upper foot.
  • - installation difficulty: 10mm, 8mm socket + Hex wrench. Pretty easy. No instructions needed. Need to play with shifter height just a little to get "juuuust right".

Bazzaz $295
Z-afm $260 (found used, paid less)
  • - what I like: despite poor software documentation, easy to find+upload maps. Hardware installation videos are clear. In combo with intake and exhaust, there's more pep. Revs faster.
  • - what nobody told me: Jungle - of - wires on the bike. Engine light comes on when you install ZAFM (because stock o2 sensor is gone)
  • - installation difficulty: Medium-Easy. I hate having to Scotchlok the two wires, but worked flawlessly. Make sure plenty of zip-ties are on hand if you like a clean installation.

Comp Werks Exhaust - black velvet $550 (found used, paid less)
  • - what I like: Super-light. High quality build. Tucks under body. Very clean. And, yes, you can keep the undercowl on with this exhaust.
  • - Hmmmm: The sound is great on this. Mean. Loud. I live in the city - it may be too loud. Isn't an issue on the open road. But with quiet neighbors and the sound bouncing off the landscape of the urban jungle, may be too much volume.
  • - what nobody told me: Comes with 18mm bung + 12mm adaptor. AWESOME if you want to run ZAFM with its 18mm bung. Score! Black velvet is really nice.
  • - installation difficulty: Medium-Easy. Some tight tool fitting in getting the back hardware loose. Warm up the pipe to get the o2 sensor loose.

Crankcase vent $14
  • - what I like: It works.
  • - what nobody told me: I needed to get this with the MNNTB intake.
  • - installation difficulty: Easy.

MNNTB Intake $99
  • - what I like: Fits cleanly. In combo with Bazzaz and exhaust, there's more pep. Revs faster.
  • - what nobody told me: Need a crankcase vent. Airbox removable leaves a huge gap. Kinda weird, kinda cool. I don't have an issue with the body panels flapping around after loosing the support of the airbox.
  • - installation difficulty: Medium-Easy. A few bits and pieces to work through, but video guides are super-clear and easy to follow.

Bottle Oil Cap $17
  • - what I like: Tiny bit of character. Can change caps. Mixin' it up.
  • - what nobody told me: This silly bike uses a dipstick to measure the oil level (instead of a glass window). Bottle cap has no dipstick. So... you gotta keep the stock one around for accurate measuring. Uh huh. BONUS: Every time I look at it I can mentally debate if I should buy parts like this, or just apply a direct flame to my hard-earned cash. Poof.
  • - installation difficulty: Easy. Crimp the bottle cap on with pliers for a good fit, please a little piece of foam (or cardboard, or any thin packing material) between this part and bottle cap to keep it from rattling.

Womet Tech Expansion Locking Bar End Mirror Kit $49.99
  • - what I like: So much better looking than stock. Folds nicely.
  • - what nobody told me: CRG mirrors are excellent. For the little Z, these are great-enough. Good buy.
  • - installation difficulty: Easy. Just takes a lot of fussing to get them positioned juuuust right. Needs to be retightened every now and again.

TST LED Front Flushmount Turn Signals LENS COLOR: Smoke $15.99
TST Kawasaki Signal Plug Converters 2-to-2 $5.99
TST LED Flasher Relay $24.99
MNNTHBX Plate Mount with Blaster X integrated light for Kawasaki Z125 Pro 165
  • - what I like: Big improvement over bulkly stock lighting package. Love the brightness and clarity on the rear light. Both the strobe-brake and turn-signal are great. Smoke front flush mounts are a little hard to see in bright light. But they look great. The LED flasher relay is a must-get.
  • - what nobody told me: The tail kit includes a license plate light. All legal and shizit. I did know this, but worth repeating: you'll loose the turn-signal indicator functionality on your instrument cluster with this setup.
  • - installation difficulty: on the higher side of medium-easy. Requires one Scotchlock (included). Have I mentioned I hate having to splice into wires. Even if it's easy.

Scotts Performance Stainless Z125 Oil Filter $69
  • - what I like: Reusable. Quality build.
  • - what nobody told me: I'd spend $69 on an oil filter. I wasn't even physically threatened.
  • - installation difficulty: Easy.

Rox Elite Pivot Risers $86
  • - what I like: Made torso/arm position more comfortable and felt more like a "big" bike.
  • - what nobody told me: I didn't buy this bike for comfort. I like the racier stock seating position. Returned this one.
  • - installation difficulty: Easy.

dcorvisuals The Wave graphic kit $0
  • - what I like: Unique character. More thumbs-up per mile. Was free!
  • - what nobody told me: Edges of decals are a little scratchy.
  • - installation difficulty: Easy - just take your time. Start with a corner and peel off the backing as you go. Can remove and re-stick if you miss the mark.

Z125 Pro $2399 (actual price paid, before registration)
  • - what I like: Seriously?! Such a fun bike. I've lost interest in larger bikes.
  • - what nobody told me: The purchase price is just a gateway to wasting your money in the future.

Please don't tell me the what all of this costs together. I don't want to know. Ignorance? Meet bliss.

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Uh ............ What about the Asv Levers Man :crying:
And I'll be expecting a Mod' update on the Turbo. Rocket and machine gun add ons. They can fire pellets you posted about from another thread :grin2:
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