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I installed my yoshi pipe, MNNTHBX intake, and my Bazzaz this weekend. Just wanted to fill everyone in on how it all went. First I'll say that MNNTHBX is a great vendor. Greg was very helpful in emailing me about my order and shipping my parts as quickly as possible. The intake they sell is a great piece, I really like that the tube is not made of metal, it seems to me this will create a cooler intake charge, which is what you want. The install was very simple as well. There have been a number of posts on the exhaust so I won't go in to much detail on it other that it looks great and the install was very straight forward. As far as the Bazzaz unit, it does not come with installation instructions, but MNNTHBX has a great install video on youtube that makes it very very straight forward. The only issue that I had was after i completed the install per the instructions on the video, I was not getting power to the Bazzaz. It turns out that the blue wire in the video that is apparently switched power on their bike was for the brake light function on my bike. No big deal though, I verified with a test light that on my bike the red wire in the tail light harness is the switched power wire so I used it to power the Bazzaz. I'm currently running the bike with the base map in the Bazzaz. This combined with the intake and exhaust makes the bike much smoother and stronger throughout the rpm range. It makes for much easier cruising in hilly areas as the bike doesn't lose as much speed while cruising up a slight incline if that makes sense. As for top speed, I'm able to hit an indicated top speed of 67 on the speedo on flat ground and it looks like thats going to be all its got without changing gearing because this is where it hits the rev limiter in forth gear. Just thought I would let everyone know about my experience with these products and I can say that I am very satisfied with the results. I plan on putting the bike on my buddy's dyno when I have some more spare time and I feel like we can get even more out of it with a good tune.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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