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Missing plastic

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I just bought a 2020 k125 pro. This is my first motorcycle and I have no prior experience. I'm missing some plastic on my bike and I don't know exactly what parts I need to get.
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Looks like you have the 2020 JLF model seeing the front fender. Color code letters / N.M.M.PURPLE
confirm using the below chart.
If that's what you have it looks like you just need the tank side fairings.

That color has never had a listing and never heard why that is. Would need to call a dealership and try to order them and see what they say ?

Confirm your bike is the / 2020 JLF model / Color / N.M.M.PURPLE /
But still tell them the year and color to also confirm its the parts for your model.
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I checked to see if any new info was available.

There have been a few other models where the 1st initial release color names didn't end up matching the parts names
So DEFINITELY verify with a authorized dealership parts department

Looks like they have it listed now as M.M.M.GRAY ?

SHROUD,RH,M.M.M.GRAY / 49133-0012-65C
SHROUD,LH,M.M.M.GRAY / 49133-0011-65C

Again, DEFINITELY verify with a authorized dealership parts department

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