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well since I had stretched the bike around 4 inches it raised the rear by maybe 3 inches

I had saw a rear shock lowering mount for sale, but I guess the description of it for sale I either misread it or there are different versions for sale even though only 1 is listed for sale I'm not sure

but basically it was a 7 inch drop, way too low for me

even though it was listed to do 3, 4.5 and 7 which I had assumed it had multiple holes on the mount to do that sort of thing it only comes set to one position so basically it will be a slammed bike once installed

you won't be able to use a under tail license plate, the kickstand and exhaust are inches off the ground and thats with no weight on the bike
so most likely those will need to be removed, then will need to lower the front so the bike sits level

anyways I have it up for sale on eBay cheap, only bolted on and taken off

here are photos of the part if anyone was curious
it is very well made, and a beautiful part, and I wish photos of it were posted on the site I purchased from but none were there
so I took a gamble hoping there was adjustments to get the heights that were listed in the description

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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