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Ok here we go.
I just finished with this mod and wasn't too hard more or less just tedious and well worth it and way more power than a dcr cam and imo its what the dcr cam should've been to begin with. The camshaft i went with was the TBW0533 race cam and its for a 2002-2009 klx110 but any klx 110 cam will work if u do this method.

For the camshaft to work you are going to need to press off the small end bearing first. Second you are going to need to index the stock cam and the klx 110 camshaft to be able to have tdc be tdc on the new cam. I ended up using a straight edge and a scribe and just made a line on both cams from the tdc marks on both cam gears thru the cam. This is where the klx110 cam gear comes in handy. or you can just have a machine shop do it.

Now once you got that all together and both lines line up and pressed together. Now the fun part u have to grind a little material from where the big bearing sits in the head there will be 2 spots that from the factory that will be grinded down already those 2 spots u just wanna grind them down a little more till the cam drops in. this cam is massive so it can take some trial and error and jiggling to get it to go in but it will fit then u can put it all together and enjoy. You will need a fuel controller for this mod.

I am running a 143cc bore kit with stock valve springs and a ported head but am stepping up to the 178cc kit in a couple days but thats another thread for another day.

all said and done it should look like this. there is no decomp valve with this cam. cold starts are not too bad it cranks and starts fine

I am sorry for the lack of pics i kinda got into my mode while doing this.


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