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Hi everyone! I've just purchased a used Kawi Z125 Pro over the weekend. When I picked up the bike, I was informed by the seller that is has a starting issue and that it will only turn-over if you pop-start it. So, I've been able to pop-start it a few times and it was running okay. When I go to start the bike, the starter makes a really loud whirring noise (almost like it is wanting to start?) and the bike makes a few coughing noises sometimes, but it does not start. I'm still learning a lot about the bike but I wanted to ask on the forum for some advice. As far as I know, the battery seems to be okay (it's a lithium ion battery with one of those LED indicators that tells you how full it is...it shows 3/3 blue dots). I do not know if any of the sensors are bad like a kickstand sensor, gear selector sensor, clutch sensor, etc.

The bike also has a check engine light on so I will diagnose that by doing the trick of running a copper wire from the diagnostic port to the negative battery terminal and seeing what code it flashes on the gauge cluster.

Lastly, when the bike has been pop-started, it now doesn't really want to stay running. It sort of dies out after a few seconds. Maybe some sort of issue with the stator, battery, starter motor, or something more simple? I'm attaching a picture of the starter below. It did not look abnormal. Does this kind of starter slide into the gear when it is engaged, or is it always sitting in one place and spinning on the flywheel?


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