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No longer will you read reviews via Google translate! Thanks to Ultimate Motorcycling and Motorcycle.Com, we now have two reviews of the Z125 Pro’s performance on the streets of San Francisco.

At the San Francisco launch in California, Kawasaki staff admitted that the Z125 is a response to the Grom; adding a 125 cc model to the Z lineup to come out with what Kevin Allen, Kawasaki’s head PR spokesperson, calls a “Grom killer”. But, that’s fine with us because competition drives innovation and the Z125 Pro is making its mark as a nimble and zippy city bike.

Compared to the Grom, the Z125 Pro has a bit more grunt at lower revs and the pull is both firm and linear. Once a streetlight turns green, you’ll easily be able to pull ahead of the traffic behind or you can make stable turns with the bike’s excellent handling.

The Z125 Pro has great maneuverability thanks to its short 46.3 inch wheelbase and you’ll be able to dart around quickly with a bit of weight shifting and bar tugging while still feeling planted. Tire size also plays a part in this, using 100/90-12 front and 120/70-12 rear tires makes it easier to turn. If Kawasaki were to go with larger tires it would lead to a more stable straight line feel but the Z125 Pro would no longer feel peppy since steering would require more effort.

Suspension is neither too hard nor too soft, perfect for new riders and pockmarked city roads. The non-adjustable inverted 30mm forks has 3.9 inches of travel and a rear pre-load adjustable single shock with 4.1 inches in travel. That’s enough travel for you to ride over speed humps and potholes without the fear of bottoming out.

As for the brakes, experienced riders may find them lacking in bite and maybe it was designed that way to prevent new riders from flying off the bars in a panicked grab for the brakes but, just give the pads a bit of time to bed themselves to the petal-style discs and the braking power should improve.

Overall, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro is turning out to be the total package for just $2,990.
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