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But the comparison is in Chinese and there are no subs. You can see them side by side and I can understand a bit of it.

Gist of what I got:
-very similar CC
-Z125 doesn't need a clutch lever but ti still has the foot shifter is still there.
-Z125, around 6000rpm can hit 70mph, so a bit higher speed
-Honda, around 6000rpm gets 65mph
-MSX125 feels like it accelerates from a stop a bit faster

-Honda, you're sitting a bit straighter with the higer handlebars and the bars lean towards you a bit
-Z125, the handlebars are a bit lower and straighter so you lean forward just the slightest bit

-Z125 is stiffer and better for higher speeds
-honda has softer suspension, more comfy on roads at average speed

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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