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I saw last night that Motorcyclecloseouts.com has Kabuto helmets at half-price. This is an opportunity to buy a high-quality, $400, Snell-rated Japanese-made composite lid for under $200.

Like Arai and Shoei, Kabuto has been making helmets by hand in Japan for 30-years. Their higher-end helmets have lightweight composite fiber shells and even the entry-level polycarbonate Kamui is on the lighter end of the scale. I've examined dozens of helmets and seen tons of reviews and I ordered two Kabuto helmets yesterday but obviously I don't have them yet. See video reviews on Youtube.

Kabuto Helmets at Motorcycle Closeouts

Entry-level polycarbonate (DOT and ECE-rated)
- Kamui starts at $97.77

Mid-level (Snell 2010)
- Aeroblade 3 starts at $174.95

Premium (Snell 2010)
- RT33 for $224.95

Full Race-spec (Snell 2010)
- FF-5V for $249.95

Premium Modular (DOT and ECE-rated)
- Ibuki for $159.95
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