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Not my first bike or anything been riding for years. But I love the small bikes/scooters for some reason

Never was really into the honda groms probably because the few I had rode (stock) seemed to hit the rev limiter very soon
And some reason that turned me off, I guess I'm used to revving higher on other bikes

Anyways few months ago found out they were released here so decided to snag one up. Some reason the one I saw here was that orange color, but I was told that color was not available here so I had green and gray to choose from. Chose the green really like that color over the gray

Everyone I know have groms, so at least its something different and I like doing my own thing

I really like the body styling the z125 has, along with the nicer gauge setup and hidden exhaust

For the the seating and stock bars felt better then a stock grom, maybe the foot pegs are different position too will need to see

Already got a stretch, lower bars, rear fender delete kit and longer chain will install soon

thats about all the body mods I may do, but I'm willing to do any engine mods but I have not seen any yet. Hopefully soon they will be available

I did see a cam shaft I may pick up later want to get some time on this stock setup so I can see if the upgraded cam gives any more gains before just installing it on a brand new bike

Been checking out this and another site for a few weeks but they all seem pretty dead, hopefully once some more parts come out they will be more active

brand new 30 miles on it
before any mods
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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