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Just brought home my 2018 grey z125 pro!

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Live in Utah, found on FB Marketplace for $2800. 608 miles, first owner put about 100 miles, second owner got it last summer and did the other 500. Now its mine, hopefully forever! Took it for a test spin went through all the gears and lights. and another short trip with the added weight of a golden retriever in a backpack. Bike feels great, adjusted the chain and the clutch cable; some fairing screws were loose so i made sure to get all the bodywork popped back into place and tightened up. I think ill keep the rgb underglow lights and the ebay exhaust the kid I bought it from put on it. The bike is barely broken in, so I will do an oil change and put some good gas in it. then i want to do a fuel controller, any opinions on Bazzaz vs Power Commander V and Aracer tuning would be appreciated.
For some background, I started riding on a 82 KZ550LTD, and have owned multiple 600c, 650c, 800cc dirt, dual sport, cruiser and naked bikes. Theyre all gone now and the z125 pro is my only motorcycle. I bought it for my commute, which I have been doing on a steel hardtail mountain bike.
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Welcome to the forum

Only helpful opinion on fuel controllers is to buy the Auto-Turner as well unless you are very experienced in setting them for the perfect AFR.

Otherwise ...

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First oil change at 640miles motul 300v 10w40. Filled gas w 87 octane. Not ethanol free this time, but ill be switching to it for the next tank. Gotta get that mileage!
Awesome bike. Congratulations. I commuted my ‘18 SE from new.
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