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I purchased this one

Takegawa 3-ROW Compact-Cool kit w/ Filter Adapter

Packaging is really nice
all instructions are in japanese, the photos are low quality black and white images

It was sort of difficult to figure out, and I've installed a few oil coolers on bikes before

I will post photos of the install
and comment on some of the concerns I have with the kit

one thing is the very nice looking oil filter adapter
the included oring, and the oem oring doesn't fit it

If your like me, and when changing the filter I always seem to have a leak when putting the oring back on
because its a weird angle to work

And thats an oring that fits into the groove of the oil filter cover

This oring doesn't even fit in the groove
I think its not deep enough to hold the ring

Here is an oem ring, also doesn't fit
the oem also seems twice as thick then the supplied one

I did use the supplied one
it was very, very difficult to hold the oring on, without it sliding off
even with a coat of oil on it

Even harder to get it to seat without popping out a tiny bit of it

This was my biggest fear was to have a leak because not only do you fight that oring, you still put the stock filter, spring and cover/oring onto this one with longer screws

so you have a lot going on
and I fear when I go change my filter one day it will be a hassle too if that adapter falls off

Anyways I did manage to get it on, without the oring popping out somehow

Here it is installed, looks very nice

Another concern, look how tiny the hose internal diameter is
Ive installed oil cooler kits on other bike, same sized engines 125cc-140cc and the hoses were much larger inside

Maybe its small for a reason?

Another thing I noticed, the entire cooler floats inside the housing
hopefully over time it won't wear any tiny holes into it

also notice the mount, on the valve cover
even at idle for a few minutes that mount gets super hot
but if you look closely all metal is isolated by thick rubber bushings
so the heat won't transfer

Plastics seemed to fit fine, hose did touch it but I dont think that will be an issue
it could just be the way I ran the hoses too

I don't really like the silver color
I may paint it all black, on the bike
not sure yet, would of preferred it mounted higher on the top valve cover
but I dont think the hoses would of reached

One line is pretty close to the header
and the cooler is close to the header too

so hopefully it will get enough air flow to counteract that
but I think at long stops the exhaust heat may soak into the cooler

No leaks at startup, and idle

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Did you upgrade your oil pump? I bet the line inside diameter is so skinny to keep the oil pressure up
no, using stock pump
I was reading about the upgraded pump and what I got from it was it circulates the oil faster through the engine
and to me made it seem like you didnt need the cooler then

I decided to get the cooler because on other bikes I know how well they work
compared to the time it would take to add a larger pump and not really know what benefits you get

I was thinking the same thing about the inner diameter
like putting your finger on a water hose it makes it flow faster

but I would think you would want slower through the cooler, give more time to take away the heat

funny the oil line the bike comes with on the side of the engine has around the same size small hole too

why I had originally thought it would be really easy to add a cooler using those holes on the engine
and then a cooler would be really cheap

I had thought this design using the oil filter location would then have larger hoses like the other ones I've installed in the past and thats why they chose to make it that way

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I think it looks pretty sweet. But the whOle floating cooler don't sound iffy
yeah the other one I did on this bike looks exactly the same
I've installed this exact one on 2 of these ct70's in the past and just don't recall them moving around inside

maybe on mine the side bolts on cage surrounding is a touch to big, or maybe because I can't exactly tighten the 2 bolts the rubber grommets go through because either the threads are messed up, or it stops for a reason thats why it moves inside

The cage is thin metal, and started to dent in just holding it in my hand to tighten the 2 mounting bolts, because of how tight the threads were getting

so I didnt want to go crazy on it

I will inspect it closer after a ride, make sure the fittings are all dry and see how much more it moves

on another bike it had a welded tab on the cooler, no cage around it
that mounted to the frame of a bike, had a rubber grommet on it too for vibrations
and uses barbed nipples screwed into the cooler which I like better
then crush washers and banjo fittings

I don't think these parts are meant to be taken on and off a lot without at least using all new crush washers
so I will probably order some if I ever need to remove it

I think its the same size as on the bikes oil line
so I will just order those through my dealer, along with more orings
because now an oil change, could require 2 rings

unless that gold color adapter stays on when taking off the filter
it did use a tiny oring in the center too that could possibly hold it up as long as the oil lines don't add downward stress on that part

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went on long ride
no leaks

fittings get really hot
I can tell which one is hot, and cool oil

luckily I routed the hot line around the header
and the shorter line is the cooler side, so at least the heat off the header isn't heating up the cool side oil

tomorrow if I have time I will take ir temp readings on both sides

see how much cooler it lowers, and maybe get same readings off another bike with a cooler I have

here is a quick video on how the cooler inside the housing moves
ignore the entire thing moving, as I had said before I can't get the mounting screws tight as they bind up
but I try to get a close up of the actual cooler itself moving


after cleaning up I also found a nice tube sleeve that had rolled away, that covers the long horizontal mount bolt you will see in the video, the one on the valve cover

so that is now put on too

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well I decided I didnt like how small the oil lines were
it was bothering me, all the coolers I have done, im pretty sure had larger holes to flow the oil
and those were similar sized engines
I know for a fact all fittings and hoses were much larger then what this setup is

I took some measurements of everything
The ID of my lines were 5/64. Also all fitting ends were that same size too. If you have any drill bits look up how small it is
maybe pencil lead size

So I did my best, with what I had available and enlarged everything as much as I thought was safe to do
its still not the size I think it needs to be
but its defiantly larger then before, and I think that will flow a little more oil now
I really don't see any negatives doing this

here are some photos of what im dealing with

(these were drilled out to the next size hole as a test so the holes you see are larger then how they really came I could not go any larger in fear the fitting would come loose inside the hose)
the drill bit was the size they had come originally

this is the stock size hole, off the engine oil filter adapter
also there are 2 holes so it actually flows more because of that

the same fitting, showing how large the center hole is

I made the choice all holes will be this size
I didnt want to risk going larger, and having the metal break off when drilling, or twist
not sure how strong these parts are so I played it safe

I also did not touch the side holes, as the threads came very close to them, I was concerned if I enlarged those they could leak
The ones on the oil cooler are much larger then the ones on the engine, so if I was to enlarge the side holes it would be on the engine side only

this is the typical hose I use for oil coolers, 1/4 ID

the finished product
I used oil and screwed the fittings into the hose
then used fuel injector hose clamps to secure it all
I also added loctite to them

Also made the hose a touch longer so I could route it better


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so im going to start monitoring my oil temps

I have this probe for a multi meter that works pretty well
I think its only a couple degrees off
so good enough for this test

I went on a short ride today, but running the engine hard
fast, up hills etc..

I have one of those sticker temp gauges I had place on the engine cover

I think this was a really hot day, no big bore

today had been raining on and off, so pretty cool weather
when I got home from the hard ride here is the temp

this was engine off looks around 158F

by the time I got the meter in, which climbs up in temp very slowly the sticker went hotter, from the engine heat soaking in
now the sticker was reading a solid 158F
just hard to see the color changing on camera, I had to enhance the photos already just to see

When I looked at my meter it also read 159F which is the exact same temps

I want to do more tests I may have to carry the meter with me and pull over when the engine gets really hot
and see if its around the same temps as the sticker

if it is, this may be a good location to monitor oil temps at a very cheap price

but what I need is someone with a stock engine, if you have a similar temp probe if you could get readings after a hard ride
so I can see if the cooler is really working

I do have an ir temp gun I need to get a battery for
and will try to get readings from the dipstick hole too

because maybe more people have those handy compared to a temp probe for a multimeter

of course we don't really want oil temps to be below 180f
but I have a easy fix for that, should be here in a few days and I will post it when it comes in

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stumbled on this photo of some brake lines

funny the hose looks familiar
and the banjo hole size look very familiar

I almost want to say my oil cooler came with the same parts
which means it may have come with brake line fittings, and not really oil line size fittings

SP TAKEGAWA : Rear Brake Hose Set [06-08-0089]
funny it says this in the description
Adopt the ClearTubeCoating Hose contact friction etc. Due to prevent damage.

when I was using a flashlight to see inside the fitting I noticed my light shined right through the metal braiding
meaning the hose was clear inside

sounds exactly the same as the description for this brake line

but the real question is whats usually used for oil lines
brake line fittings, or at least brake line size fittings
or are oil cooler fittings larger
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