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Wear a shirt like the guy I saw on the hwy a few weeks ago on a z125.
"YES this is as fast as I can go!"
I've also just seen minibikes/scooters with the "Caution: Slow vehicle" triangle on them.

Now I want to start a Z125 gang and use that hazard sign as our jacket logo.

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Rode the Yamaha a bit, and then began to get a weird feeling.. “Is this faster, bigger bike as fun as my Z?” After thinking about it for a week or so, I think in my case the answer may be “no”.

I made this thread to ask you riders... what would you do?

I’d really appreciate any honest opinion and constructive criticism you may have.

Thanks again!
A while back I had the 1st deposit down on the 1st OG Grom my local shop was getting in but I got tired of waiting so bought a CRF250L. Later I got tired of waiting for the Z125 to come out and we bought 2 OG Groms that were then out and available. Later I became interested in an Indian so traded 3 bikes in on the Indian, one was my Grom, and I instantly regretted it.

Similarly, I always wanted an "Indian."

Well it wasn't long until I was looking around at adding another mini back into the stable. At that point the Z125 was out so I bought one.

I too did the "logical" game of talking myself in and out of bigger and bigger bikes. At one point I had a YSR50 and ZX14. It took some time but I learned that for me the smaller lighter bikes are more fun. I have been riding dirt for 41 years and street for 30, have had over 60 bikes of all types and sizes... the point there is my favorite bike is my Z125, because to me, it is the most fun to ride.

Commuter or not you can make most any bike fit the bill if that is what you truly want. Yes, your route may change, etc. but if that is what you want you will know. I have friends who now ride Groms that ended up selling their bigger bikes (600-1000 sport bikes, full dress touring bikes, etc.) because they just didn't find them as fun anymore, it is all preference.

After my mods my Z holds 60 on hills and I do take it on the 55mph highway here if time is of the concern, but I usually stick to 50mph roads... the thing is, I rode the same on my large bikes, I avoided the highways because they just aren't as fun to ride to me.

Speaking of commuting... the traffic here causes commuting traffic to slow to 30-50mph so for me it's actually slower to ride the highway in traffic. That may not be the case in your area.

I wouldn't hate on a Grom, or Z, or anyone's bike. If I were in the market now I would probably buy a Monkey as they are very comfortable and remind me of the bikes of my childhood.

When I rode sport bikes I used to get everyone trying to race me too, it was a bit annoying at times but I just ignored them. After all of these years on the Grom and Z125 we still get into lots of conversations at stop lights, parking lots, gas stations, etc. with people that want to know what they are, the size motor, etc.

When I had a pickup and took it in for service I would toss the Grom into the back with a ramp and then unload at the shop and go riding while they did work on it. Eventually I got a hitch mounted rack for my truck that made it super easy to load and unload a mini and could still get 2 more minis in the bed.

You asked what would I do...

- As long as the Z will realistically cover all, or at least the majority of your riding I would suggest going back to that since your post conveys a real want to do it. You had many logical and thoughtful points but sometimes motorcycles aren't all about logic, sometimes it's the passion to ride, it's when a certain bike inspires you. People are really good at justifying things to themselves and others about why they do things, some use logic, others passion, I would just say to listen to your gut

- Some people think that if you don't have a Goldwing you can't ride across the state/country, or go out for 8 hour rides. Some think you need a 600cc bike, others say a 1000cc bike... try not to let other peoples bias sway your decision. It's hard to take anyone's personalized opinion about things... good books, movies, brands of TV's, etc. In giving advice I try to just bring points up to consider, some people are hard lined about things and believe their way is the right way for everyone because of their "logic" or "reasoning," and many will argue for their opinion to be right, or true. Well those opinions 'may' be true for them but no one else can answer that for you.

- You mentioned affording 2 bikes, well for me, the Z isn't an expensive bike. In relation to most other new street bikes the mods are cheaper, as well as insurance, maintenance, fuel, etc. The pipes, air filter and tuner alone on my Indian were like $1900, and I did all the work myself. Cost is relative and highly personal so only you can make that decision.

- The great thing here is that you already owned the Z! So now you can directly compare it to your R3. Yes, it's a bit of apples vs. oranges but you get to decide which taste you like better.

I hope this long post helps in some way. Whatever you decide, ride safe and have fun!
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I completely agree with everyone here! Having the ability to ride/use several motorcycles from your stable will give you an appreciation for both. When I was a younger, I always thought large CC motorcycles were the way to go. I eventually ended up with large, American style cruiser motorcycles, and honestly over time they lost the luster of riding for me. I grew up on Mini bikes, small CC 2 strokes and enduro motorcycles. I left the hobby for a decade or so, only to return a few years back restoring an old clapped out Honda CB350. I fell back in love with riding small, nimble motorcycles again. I purchased a used KX100, then a like new 1999 KE100 2 stroke! Every time I get back from a ride, my wife tells me, "I've not seen that smile on you in a long time!" Riding a smaller bike very fast is always an exhilarating experience! I'm glad I figured it out again before it was to late! I'm glad you figured it out as well.
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