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Hi From Calgary

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Hey Guys!

Doesnt seem like my intro posting are going through so hopefully this one does! I got my z125 a few week back ago and here it is with a few mod and a bit of a touch of paint job.

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Hey welcome to the forums ! Looks real good, congrats. From what I can see, which is limited considering how early it is ahah, other than the Yoshi exhaust, what else have you done ?
Nice! I like the flat black. Oh and welcome to the forum.
I currently only have the yoshi pipe on it, and i have renthal handle bars with new grips. I have a set of lever, front led lights, flush turn signal, and tank pads sitting in the garage waiting to be installed when i have some time. I also have a nerve rackingly set of Maxxis M6024 dual purpose tire that recently came in and is also in the garage that i will probaly install soon; however, i am crossing my fingers that it will clear the rear portion of the front fender as from what i can see now from the stock tire i can barley fit the width of my pointer finger through it hah..!
Oh man, may have to do some "custom" fender modifications ;)
nice flat black paint. Did you scrape the original paint?
I am hoping i dont need to take out the dremel just to make this tire fit hah!!! Also the paint is just 4 coats of plasti dip. first week i got the bike stripped it and dipped it! Holding out great so far! i even powered hose it down and not a single peel.
Sometimes whipping out the dremel is the easiest thing to do ;)
Lol you really wanted to get it all black huh ;)

But that's great to hear, 4 coats sounds plenty and removal should be quite easy as well.

The dremel sounds like a lot of fun though;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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