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Hi All

Just another happy rider getting on the Z-train :smile2:

Traded in my Daytona 675 for the little Z two weeks ago. I miss the raw performance but I'm actually having more fun on the 125. I love the simplicity and the freedom to just get on and go WOTanywhere, rather than trying to coax a razor sharp, tall, hot sports bike into behaving at commuting speeds.

I got the 2017 in KRT colours. His name is Peanut. Bone stock right now, but there's a few packages coming from Hardracing and MNNTHBX to fix that (and shred my bank balance - thanks Aussie dollar and import taxes ...).

Here is Peanut after taking me to the airport for a business trip. Parked next to big bro!

Look forward to hanging out with you all!

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