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hi everyone,

brand new 2017 z125 in grey, located in southern New Jersey
I recently bought the z, did a cold air intake, exhaust, adjustable clutch and brake levers, bar end mirrors, area 22 frame sliders, fender eliminator, and upgraded to a shorai battery. My problem is I had about 70 miles on it while taking it nice and easy before putting the exhaust on it so I never went very high in rpms, after the exhaust I wanted to test it out a bit but it will not go above 53 on the gauge and it will not go past 8000 rpm. If I do a full tuck it will hit 57 on the gauge. I've done about 15 miles so far after the install, and i'm wondering if it is just the ecu still needs to reset for the exhaust or if I have a dealership problem. I have checked the vin and the bike is not part of the ecu recall.

any help would be appreciated
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