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Hey all:

I'm from Columbus, OH. So, I'm a new rider looking to get my first bike. I've never registered a vehicle in my name, or bought my own vehicle. I found a z125 in great condition, for a great price on Craigslist. I'm going to be checking it out tomorrow evening. If all is well with the bike and the seller has a title to sign over to me, I'll be getting the bike. Questions:

1. How do I physically change the title to my name? As in, give me a literal step by step, simple, tell me like I'm 5yrs old explanation. I've looked at Ohio title transfer stuff, but can't find copies anywhere. I've never even seen one.

2. I've heard of Ohio needing notarized titles, what does that mean? Does the seller get HIS name/identity notarized only? Do I need to get my name/identity notarized? What if he doesn't have it notarized? Should I not take the deal? What are problems I should be on the lookout for in regards to the title? How do I know if he/title/bike are legit?

3. READ THIS ONE! IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT: I talked to him on the phone about the bike and asked a lot of questions. Asked about the title and he mentioned that he is still making payments on the bike. I didn't know how to respond or what that meant for me in transferring the title. Nothing in his ad mentions that. Now, if I have the title changed to my name, does that mean I will incur the debt on the motorcycle? Aka. I'll be out the cash paid to him for the bike AND I have to make payments on the bike? Obviously, I don't want to do that and that was never the deal. Is this legit? I mean, he could very well take the money I give him for the bike and pay it off, but if bike debt follows the title/vehicle, then will I be stuck with debt from the bike and owe whatever he still hasn't payed off on the bike? What do I need to do to maneuver this situation? Perhaps this is a common situation and I'm just ignorant.

4. What do I absolutely need from the seller before I leave? In terms of specific stuff on the title, a copy of his ID, keys, other important bike paperwork, manual, etc.?

5. Any other useful stuff for Ohio private seller motorcycle buying? How do I make sure I will be COMPLETELY legitimate after buying this used bike from a private seller?

Thanks for any help, I can't find these specific answers anywhere and I've searched far and wide.
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