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#1 - If you're in driving distance of Kentucky, listen up. NCM Raceway, That's the National Corvette Museum track, is having a special day just for minis. And trust me, even though I'm from Wisconsin, I've been there and there are some turns easily tight enough for you to get a knee down on your 125.

This is the track where the new Corvettes go to test. It's being run by my friends at Midwest Track Day. Tell my buddy Jeff Wheat that Zaph sent you. If only it weren't a 9 hour drive for me.

They are limiting it to just 25 riders and will be doing open lapping from 9-4pm. Lunch at noon. If it's popular enough, they'll continue to offer it and maybe expand on it in the future. Link to registration - MTD Mini Lapping Day Get over there and get in.

#2 - MotoAmerica Mini Cup! Coming up July 27th at Road America Motorplex Kart Track

This series races the incredible Ohvale minis in several classes for several ages. It's four classes of racing: 110cc (four speed); 160cc; 190cc (racers aged up to 14 years); and 190 Adult (racers over the age of 15).

MotoAmerica Announces Mini Cup For 2020/

Nothing melts my heart like seeing young kids get on the track and get a taste of racing. The smiles you see when the helmets come off in the pits is enough to make this as much fun as the big boys on the big track. But wait, you know what else melts my heart? Seeing full size adults, including MotoAmerica racers get on 190s on the kart track and race like their lives depended on it! I'll see you guys there... spectating. I don't have an Ohvale in my garage... yet. Races start at 5pm after the main track races wrap.

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