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Fuel Controllers being discontinued?

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I bought my 2018 KRT z125 Pro this past December and I have only put about 400 miles on it so far. It already had a Yoshimura exhaust and I have added an intake. Before I modify anymore I would I would like to add a fuel controller to ensure I am not running too lean and for additional power gains.

I started shopping and it seems that the Power Commander has been discontinued, the Bazazz also appears to be in the process of being discontinued. Looks like the aRacer Mini-x is still available but not a lot of info out there on it and it appears that there may be additional cost to unlock features but I have been unable to find the pricing.

Has anyone recently purchased a fuel controller for a Z125? Is support for the Z125 going away in general?

Thanks, Dan
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MMNTHBX has the best customer support and would go with their recommendation. I purchased a Bazazz from them years ago and the map they loaded was almost perfect.
Great write up by koye on fuel controllers

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Link to set-up

Their website

Most people i've seen buy from Steady Garage
but available at other aftermarket sites
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The aRacer is a better unit than the Power Commander. That's the way to go for sure. Bazzaz was a fantastic unit as well, but stopped production two years ago....
As I learned today on the dyno, the power commander 6 cant add more than 15% fuel to the trims, so if you plan on a big bore kit be ware.
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