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Front tire suggestions?

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Hi Everyone, I'm new and I've owned the z for about a month now and have been lurking hard on the forum. First post goes to the tire :sick:

The last owner seemed to love burn outs. The back tire when I bought it was dead bald and in bad condition. I replaced it with a Michelin City Grip 2 120/70 without even looking at the front one that happened to be the OEM tire from 2018 and had cracks in the sidewalls. Anyways, I'm looking to replace just the front but the Grips aren't in 100/90 12s. Closest thing would be 110/90s. It's pretty hard for me to find anything in 100/90s. Any recs? (Looking for a good commute tire)
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Last post on this thread has all the sizes that would fit

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