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So last night doing wheelies I looped my z out. As luck would have it i still had the fender on so it took all the damage. After seeing what i did to the fender i decided to take it off all together (which i was planning anyway). After a beer or two I started disassembling the fender as I was going to buy an eliminator and I wanted to keep oem blinkers. When I took the fender apart tho I noticed that the holes on the back of the licensee plate holder matched the holes where the fender bolted on. Also I noticed I could take the red reflectors off and install my blinkers. I used a washer and the oem screw that was in the blinker. I took some rubber washers and some 90 degree brackets I had from another project and boom fender eliminator.
It needs a plate light but otherwise its all set

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask


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Innovation as its finest! Haha.

We are a little biased towards our different fender eliminator offerings but this looks and works great as well!

On a side-note, if you're ever in the market for a fender eliminator that's adjustable, shoot us a PM. That way when you're doing wheelies you can just swing it in and call it a day! ;)

Ride safe out there and keep that Z in tip top shape!
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