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I bought some area 22 frame sliders
Its hard to judge how they really look on the website

so I took a gamble

Ordered sunday, came today
From canada!!

thats pretty quick

anyways first glance they are huge
but whatever I can deal with that

The green is little darker then the other area 22 items I have purchased, but maybe they will fade a little over time

No instructions so had to figure out where all the bolts and spacers went

First problem
the right side mount didnt fit flat, and scratched the paint on my engine
the mount uses spacers, to hold off the engine so I was pretty surprised it hit and scratched

I had to dremmel heavily in the nice dent marks that was on the aluminum, since it hit my engine it left the impression on where to grind away

Took a few tries to get it right, the photos I will post won't show the final grinding as it takes a lot to get it on to see if it hits
and once on I didnt want to remove to take photos

The left side bracket fit perfectly

Also one other issue that really bothers me, at least for right now
they are not level, or even with each other

Now I've had frame sliders on other bikes in the past, pretty sure they were even
but they were much wider so who knows

I would think someone had took the time to make these mounts, why not spend the extra time to level them out with each other

As you will see in the photos the left side is farther forward then the right
I think moving the right out forward more may be better so you don't risk your shoe hitting the slider

Probably no one will ever see how they are not even
but I will, and right now bothers me

For almost $100 and precision CNC made parts I sort of expect perfect fitment, and alignment

This photos shows how the right side aluminum hits the engine so much its bending the bolt
it also does not sit flush on the provided spacers, I didnt want to risk bending the bolt anymore by tightening it down so thats why I decided to remove some aluminum on the mount to fit flatter

Here are the scratches it left

the beginning of the spot it hit my engine

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beginning of grinding
in the end I had to do around 3x the size you see to fit, I did not take photos of the finished product

left side fit perfectly (note I had the green spacer behind the slider on the wrong way on the left side photos, this does not change how far it mounted just how it looks, later in the photos it was fixed)

2 bolts right to the engine cover, and one long bolt with solid spacer to the engine itself

the right side had 2 bolts to the engine cover, with short spacers to keep the aluminum off the engine cover
and one long bolt to the plastic undercowl mount with spacer

this photo, they look same height but they are off slightly left side is a touch higher

although the left side does look stick out further
to me thats not an issue
the plastic sliders are different lengths and I put the shortest one on the left side, in the photos the left looks to stick out a little further but im cool with that

I think an easy fix for where it hits the right side engine
use slightly longer spacers
and would also need longer bolts

as for them not lining up with each other
unless there is a solid reason why they can't, if some engine part is in the way I would go back to the drawing board and have them look at fixing that issue

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Those things scare me, it seems almost certain if the bike went down on those it would jack up your engine big time or cause more damage then protection esp with bolts going into the engine case. I went the zeus armor route, way more expansive but if it goes down does not place stress on the actual engine itself.

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Still debating on weather or not I like them, not really happy with the fit
and how large they ended up being
but I need to get a better look at everything in the daylight and get a few rides with them, make sure my foot won't hit the right side one

I agree too they may not help much in a crash

I've seen some on bikes that could also cause more damage when crashed but then those bikes are much heavier
at least the z is pretty light

I only plan on these helping if I drop the bike
since I do a lot of work on it with the swingarm stand I've already had it start to slide off so now I velcro the front brake lever to help keep it from rolling

or using my front wheel stand, I keep it parked on that with kickstand up
so its possible it could fall over

trying to get it out of the garage is a hassle too with all the crap in the way while trying to push it out backwards with the handle bars

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riding I use my left leg when coming to a stop
I keep hitting the slider with my leg
also the same when backing up

the right one, leg never hits
shoe never hits

the right side is a lot closer to the frame then the left slider

so after great studying of the width I found the left side can be made even if you remove the green spacer all together
the slider goes right onto the mount

but looks weird
so I cut away almost all the spacer, found a shorter bolt and now at least the width looks much better
and almost even

the height is still different, but that can't be fixed without a new mount made

if you look at the before images use the pegs as reference to the width of the sliders

side note, looks like it would barely protect the exhaust

here is the modified one use the foot pegs as reference

so the entire spacer you see, is whats making it stick out a hair past the peg
but it didnt look right with it totally removed so thats why I cut it down very short, just as a trim piece so it somewhat matches the other side

if the spacer was totally removed, the slider width would match up perfectly with the other side

now my left leg doesn't hit when stretching it out coming to a stop

outside photos
they really don't look too bad when you can stand far away

this was before I cut down the spacer

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I share the same sentiments about frame sliders, especially those that aren't designed to fit in the proper position of the bike hence risking potential damage. In my opinion, this bike doesn't offer strategic slider installation positions. I like the Zeus protection but it's honking big and pricey.

Here's a new alternative from R&G:

R&G Crash Protectors - Aero Style for Kawasaki Z125 '16- CP0412BL

They don't look bad at all although I'm not sure if they're any more effective than the Area 22 sliders.

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Saw a guy in Houston who had a set of the Area22 sliders and dropped his bike. Broke the bolts off in the block and cracked the case over where the bolts went through.

I am hoping that someone like GB Racing comes out with a set of cover sliders soon...

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I have the Piranha sliders and they seem very substantial. Hopefully I will never find out if they do their job.


I just got the same sliders and installed them on my wife's and my bikes this week. Good fit and easy installation. What I like is that they sit a bit higher than the Area 22 sliders, and also have a mount to the frame. I share the same sentiment though - hope I never have to find out how well they work.
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