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Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, I'm not sure where it goes. I just got from TST the flushmount front turn signals, the pod tail turn signals, the standard fender delete bracket, and the universal stealth led tail light.

First of all I got it in 1 day shipped which is excellent, but not that surprising as I am like 50 miles from them.

The flush mount turn signals were very easy to install especially with the plug converters I got with them.

The pod turn signals were pretty easy to install, however one small piece of the 90 degree bracket to attach them to the license plate mount had the powdercoat fall off, not a big deal though as you can't see it.

They also included load resistors to use which I did, and I mounted them right on the license plate with double sided tape. The problem I encountered is that the tap splice connectors included are way too big for the size wire that the load resistors and pod signals uses, so I just did my own wiring to connect them.

The universal license plate light was very very easy to install and I love the little red positap connectors that come with it, it worked perfectly.

Thank you TST for such great products, my bike looks even better now!

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Great write-up and thanks for the feedback! The piece where the powdercoat seems to have fallen off is most likely a result of hanging the piece during the powdercoating process but definitely something we try to avoid when we can. If you don't really care for the tap-splice connectors, shoot me a PM and maybe I can shoot some extra posi-tap connectors for ya! :)

Feel free to post up pictures when you can! ;)

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