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If you're ever taking off the external oil pipe to the head, you'll find that it's attached under the cylinder by a short Phillips-head screw:
Kawasaki part number 220AC0612, SCREW-PAN-CROS,6X12 $1.23
Fortunately, I still have an ancient impact driver that I used back in the day when Japanese motorcycles still had soft Phillips-head screws on the engine covers. Nearly impossible to get out undamaged unless you happen to have an impact driver. Do yourself a favor and spend a buck at Home Depot for this Allen-head replacement which won't require an impact driver to remove next time:
Model# 844948 - M6-1 x 15 mm Metric Socket Head Cap Screw (2-Pack) $1.10
Don't over-tighten it obviously and use Locktite to keep it from falling out.

Kawasaki parts diagrams are available online at: https://www.kawasaki.com/parts

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