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Has anyone seen this exhaust before ? The picture is probably from Thailand, I got it off from Instagram.


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I was also wondering this even though I have a Brock's exhaust lol
Looks almost like Tarmac but with a different can/tip. I like.
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I think it is a knock-off of a Yoshimura RS-4D. I've only seen them on full size motocross bikes but someone could have fabbed up a custom exhaust using one. I do like those KRT graphics they have in Thailand. Wonder if Kawi will bring them to the USA soon?

Yoshimura Dirt Muffler Guide
This is quite common in Thailand I have seen a few dealers selling them on facebook and quite a few bikes flying around with them on

here is a link so one in black carbon fiber it costs about £100 GBP probably just the end and not the pipe https://www.facebook.com/7574059843...7405984308348/982504925131785/?type=3&theater

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I saw another one today the same design made by this company

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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