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Hey everyone. Patrick here in Las Vegas. I've gone through destroying multiple sportbikes throughout the years and just ended up with my original cruiser that hadn't had more than 100 miles put on it for the past three years. A change was long overdue so last night i traded in my '07 shadow for a 2017 z125 pro (gray team ftw). immediately started giggling to myself as soon as i drove it away from the dock at the dealer. can't wait to go all hooligan during my trips to the grocery/comic/liquor store on this thing.

Anyways, i look forward to being part of the forums here and potentially spending far too much money on this thing.

Warning: i tend to go all ghetto home depot style and make custom parts out of materials that were never meant to be mounted to a motorcycle (i.e. hose clamps and flat steel bars to make a street fighter, monster energy drink can coolant overflows, duct tape & melted plastic welded plumbing pipe fairing... it all equals completely low budget creativity). And yes, they usually look horrible but it's good time spent in the garage. first things first: custom cabinet parts fender eliminator kit. when i finish it and we all agree it looks like ****, i'll then buy the yoshimura kit. thread to follow. lol
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