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Kicking around some ideas in my head about how I'm going to set up my hand brake, might have come up with a temporary solution until I'm ready to drop the cash for a two caliper set up. Have a rear master cylinder from an 89 Ninja 600 laying around, I gutted and cleaned it. Plan is to fab up a plug for the bung that the remote resovoir feeds into, same diameter as the bung and 1/2"-1" thick. That will be drilled and tapped for a banjo bolt and welded in place. Then a line will be run up to the lever on the bars, any front master with a remote resovoir should work. Only downside I can see is that I won't be able to use both the pedal and the lever at the same time but that's only a minor issue.

Like I said just kicking ideas around right now not sure when I'll have it finished but will post pics when it happens (if I don't just say F it and buy a two caliper setup beforehand lol)


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