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After having my Z125 for a few days, I quickly realized how horrible the stock headlight bulb is. The low beam is JUST usable, and the high beam is OK, but seems to focus far too high to be really useful.

I started looking into LED bulbs, and heard good things about the Cyclops Adventure Sports H4 7000 lumen bulb. I reached out to them to see if they have tried it in a Z125, and they had not. They said if I would give it a shot and let them know how it went, they would give me a discount on the bulb. Cool! Despite being backordered, the bulb came VERY quickly.

Install was actually very easy, probably 15 minutes start to finish, and that includes finding tools. I thought there wasn't going to be much space behind the headlight, given how small the Z125 is, but I was wrong. Plenty of room. Here are the steps and some photos of how it went.

1.) Unbolt the two shiny stainless hex bolts (one on each side) that hold the headlight in. If you look at your front turn signals from the side, they are right under them, in towards the fork tubes. You may need to push the clutch and throttle cables out of the way to see it and remove it. Make sure you have a long hex wrench (5mm I think), the bolts are in there. Undo those and you can then tip the whole headlight assembly forward.

2.) Unplug the large three pin connector on the back of the OEM bulb (just pull it straight off), and then pull off the black rubber boot. Here is a photo of the boot off:


3.) I ended up trimming the boot a little bit to fit the larger Cyclops LED bulb. I didn't realize at the time that the bulb disconnects from the metal base, so it may be able to slip through the stock rubber boot opening. Give a shot and see if you buy one. Here is how much I trimmed off the boot:


4.) Once you remove the old bulb (it's held in by that metal paperclip looking thing), put the new bulb in and clip it in. Slip the modified boot over the new bulb. Here is what mine looks like:


4.) Hang the external heatsink/ballast that comes wherever you can. Darryl @ Cyclops said that the heatsink doesn't throw off much heat at all, so don't worry about it melting any other wires. Photo of where I zip tied mine here:


5.) Make sure everything is plugged in, and button it back up. Here is the Cyclops bulb in the headlight:


6.) Fire up the bike (the headlight doesn't come on until the bike is running) and make sure that the high and low beam works. Note that the Z125 doesn't generate a lot of juice at idle, so you may seem some faint flickering in the LED. The second the revs climb at all the light pattern becomes rock solid. Darryl from Cyclops said that you can adjust the idle up a little bit if you want to fix the flickering, or leave it. The minor flickering at idle shouldn't hurt the bulb. Here is a photo of the new bulb on. Note that my camera is showing the bulb a bit more yellow than it really is. I would say the bulb's color is between 5000 and 6000 k for those of you that are familiar with that. Not too white/yellow, not too blue.


Now, was the bulb worth it? ABSOLUTELY. The low beam alone is a substantial improvement over stock. The light pattern is a lot more filled in, and a lot cleaner. The improvement in the high beam is also fantastic. Much more light around the edges, and the center "fill" of the light is a lot more substantial. I also never got any "turn down your high beams" flashes from oncoming drivers, so that's good too.

Anyway, if you ride at night, get one of these bulbs. It is a tried and tested bulb on many bikes, now including the Z125. I will post the link once the forum will let me. I don't have enough posts yet.

...and the folks at Cyclops have all been really great to work with.

If you guys have any questions fire away!


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Bought this, definitely a huge improvement, took about 3 mins to install.. didn't even have to remove any part of the bike except the bulb. Did have to make the rubber mods though. HIGHLY recommend. Some of my grom buddies are hoping this works on theirs as well.
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