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Hello. My bike has only 480 miles and it’s displaying error code 12 for intake air pressure sensor I will say I was having battery issues cuz I didn’t charge it for a while and so I was trying to bump start the bike for like an hour over and over again. Do you think this may have damaged something? It’s a 2021 model and fairly new, and I haven’t even hit the first service yet.

I’m trying to get a good look at the sensor and maybe unplug and replug it, but as I was dismantling the side frame, I didn’t know how to take the bolt off on the rear footpeg area. Anyone know what tool I need for that to come off? If I can’t take that off, I can’t access the air pressure sensor and troubleshoot. Can I use whatever is in the toolkit that comes w the bike, or do I need something else? I was able to remove the other screws but not that bolt, and couldn’t get it checked.

alternatively, is this one of those error codes that might resolve itself, or is there a problem somewhere in my bike?


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No problem with bump starting I know of , but doing it for a hour not sure.

Don't know what bolt your referring to.
Removing side plastics there's no bolt I know of by the foot pegs. Can you show a pic'

The DFI codes are known to pop up from a temporary glitch in the system or signal and there is no real issue.

If bike is running fine now the CEL should go off after the 4 ride sequence is met.

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