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I already had a Harbor Freight Dolly that I bought for my Kymco 250 Xciting, But I needed another for my Z.
I bought two pieces of Treated Deck Board. (5/4 X 5 1/2" X 6 ft. long). Install a cross rail at the center of gravity and mount 2 Steel Wheeled Casters to the cross rail. Add a second cross rail on the front with 2 more casters. I ran two 3/4" dia. Dowels thru the noodles and tapered the entry. You can install some vinyl tubing on the bottom of the entry end so the unit doesn't slide when you roll the bike onto it. You can push it around your garage. My floor has some cracks so I use a broom handle with a hook on the end and eye screws on the cart and pull it around quite easily.


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