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I'm looking to upgrade my stock front caliper to a Brembo P32. A Racing Boy P32 caliper is also an option. I haven't found anyone who knows the pros/cons of the P34 over the P32 though. Also, regarding a caliper adapter bracket; G-Craft in Japan makes one but the only North American source that I know of, SteadyGarage, is out of stock on them:


Anyone know - does the P32 caliper work as well as a P34? Is there a difference in feel from the stock caliper with either one while retaining the stock master cylinder? I used to have a '97 Suzuki TL1000-S (first year they came out) and when I upgraded the stock 4-piston calipers to 6-piston GSX-R units, I had to buy a matching GSX-R master cylinder too (different diameter bore to move more fluid). I hate sliding block calipers - it's a crap braking solution used only because it's cheap.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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