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I seek the collective knowledge of the group on this question. Like many here I am going to do the BBK with all the necessaries but.... I do not want the VOLUME that seems to be associated with the aftermarket pipes even though I am not crazy about the sewing machine sound put forth by the stocker. My question is basically this;

1. Is the stock exhaust compatible with installing the BBK , V2 race head, intake, throttle body, ECU etc ? (I know I will not gain the full power potential of the build with using it)

2. What science is available as to what I will sacrifice in hp and/or torq if stock exhaust is compatible but use it anyway? I have seen the wonderful table that was put together in another thread that showed the various mods & $$ & associated hp gain. ( that might be the answer to my second question).

After scanning this forum it appears that most of the inexpensive pipe options are of low build quality and have demonstrated poor mounting options that break away - and are loud.

I appreciate the input !
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